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High Efficiency Flood Control Mobile Pump Truck Drainage Equipment

High Efficiency Flood Control Mobile Pump Truck Drainage Equipment

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Product Details
Driving Power:
Diesel Engine
Shaft Power:
56 KW
Water Pump Flow:
Pump Head:
Suction Distance:
7-8 M (plane Suction Distance Is About 14 Meters)
Rated Speed:
Pump Truck Size:
2300×1600×1900 (mm) (for Reference Only)
Pump Set Weight:
1300Kg (for Reference Only)
Fuel Tank:
External Fuel Tank
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
wooden box
Delivery Time
8-10 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability
50 set/mmonth
Product Description



Mobile Emergency Drainage Flood Pump Truck - 500m³/h Large Flow, Self-Priming, Flexibility for Urban Emergency Drainage


Applicable environment of pump set

The pump set can output rated power under the following conditions:

  1. Atmospheric pressure: 1 standard atmosphere
  2. Relative humidity: 40%
  3. Ambient temperature: 298 K (25℃)
  4. The pump unit can output the specified power and work reliably under the following conditions:
  5. Altitude: 1000 m
  6. Ambient temperature: 0℃~40℃
  7. Relative air humidity: 95% (at 25°C)

Basic structure

  1. The diesel pump set must be designed and tested in strict accordance with relevant international and national standards. The pump set can achieve full load rated output. Under other conditions, the output power can be corrected according to relevant standards.
  2. The diesel engine and pump use a steel base to form a common base, and the strength of the base can support the operation of the machine. The engine, pump and base all use shock absorbers, so that the pump set has good shock absorption effect and is impact resistant.
  3. Hand pump, oil and diesel filtration system, air filter and air intake system are installed on the engine.


Diesel engine parameters


Specification Value


Power 56 kW
Number of Cylinders 4
Arrangement Inline
Displacement 4.5L
Bore/Stroke 105mm/115mm
Intake Method Turbocharged
Cooling Method Forced Closed-loop Water Cooling with Fan and Radiator
Rated Speed 1500 r/min
Starting System 24V Electric Start
Governing System Mechanical Speed Control
Intake Method

Naturally Aspirated


Water pump parameters


Specification Value


Rated Flow 500m³/h
Head 18m
Speed 1450 r/min
Inlet Diameter/Quantity 250mm/1
Outlet Diameter/Quantity 250mm/1
Maximum Suction Lift Vertical: 7-8m (Approximately 14m for horizontal suction)
Pump Casing Cast Iron
Connection Type Gear Coupling
Pump Shaft 45# Steel
Type Self-priming, requires initial water priming


Control system
Instrument control, display water temperature, oil temperature, battery power,


Precautions for use

  1. Safe Operation: Before operating a flood control pump, make sure you are familiar with and follow the relevant operating manual and safety regulations. Use appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and non-slip shoes.
  2. Power supply safety: If the flood control pump is powered by electricity, ensure that the power wiring meets safety standards and uses appropriate grounding measures. Avoid contact of power lines with water.
  3. Pump location: Place the flood control pump on a flat and stable ground to ensure it operates stably. Avoid placing the pump on sloping or unstable ground.
  4. Pump connection: Connect the water inlet and outlet pipes correctly and ensure good sealing to avoid leakage. Check pipes for damage or blockage to ensure smooth flow of water.
  5. Self-priming function: If the flood control pump has a self-priming function, please ensure that the self-priming operation is performed correctly before starting. Before first use, it may be necessary to add an appropriate amount of water for self-priming.
  6. Run time and temperature control: Avoid running the pump continuously for long periods of time to avoid overheating or damage. According to the specifications and usage requirements of the pump, reasonably control the running time and pay attention to the temperature of the pump body.
  7. Regular maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain various components of the flood control pump, such as cleaning filters, checking seals, lubricating bearings, etc. Periodically replace worn or aged parts based on frequency of use and environmental conditions.
  8. Usage environment: Choose a suitable usage environment according to the specifications and requirements of the flood control pump. Avoid use in corrosive media, flammable and explosive environments, or situations that exceed the performance range of the pump.
  9. Stop using: Before stopping using the flood control pump, turn off the power first, and then drain the pump to a dry state to prevent internal water accumulation from causing corrosion or freezing.


Grouped equipment


Equipment Quantity
Rainproof Shelter 1
Four-Wheel Trailer 1
High Elastic Coupling 1
Inlet Pipe (7m each) 1
Outlet Pipe (17m) 1
Batteries 2
Water Tank 1
Fuel Tank 1
Base 1


Pump set pictures

High Efficiency Flood Control Mobile Pump Truck Drainage Equipment 0

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