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2600×1900×2100 mm Flood Control Pumps Pump Truck Size for Water Management

2600×1900×2100 mm Flood Control Pumps Pump Truck Size for Water Management

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HT-Flood control pump

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Product Details
Connection Form:
High Elastic Coupling
Cast Iron
Pump Truck Size:
2600×1900×2100 (mm)
Fuel Tank:
External Fuel Tank
Pump Shaft:
45# Steel
Driving Power:
Diesel Engine
Pump Set Weight:
Shaft Power:
151 KW
Flood Control Pump
Trailer Pump
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Supply Ability
100 sets/month
Product Description

2600×1900×2100 mm Flood Control Pumps Pump Truck Size for Water Management


Flood Control Pump Product Description

Flood Control Pumps are specially designed to prevent and reduce flood risks by efficiently pumping out large quantities of water in emergency situations. With a flow rate of 1200m³/h and a rated speed of 1500r/min, these heavy duty pumps are capable of handling high flow volumes to quickly and effectively control flood waters.

The pumps are made with durable cast iron material, ensuring a strong and reliable structure that can withstand the harsh conditions of flood control. The water inlet diameter is 200mm, allowing for a large amount of water to be pumped in, and there are 2 inlets for efficient water intake.

The driving power for these pumps is a diesel engine, providing a reliable and powerful source of energy for continuous operation. This makes the Flood Control Pumps ideal for use in remote areas with limited access to electricity during emergencies.

These pumps are not only effective in flood prevention, but also in flood risk reduction. By quickly removing excess water from flooded areas, they can minimize damage to buildings and infrastructure, and protect the safety of people and their belongings.

In summary, Flood Control Pumps are essential equipment for emergency flood control situations. With their high flow rate, heavy duty design, and reliable diesel engine, they are the perfect solution for efficiently and effectively managing flood waters and reducing risks. Trust in these pumps to keep your community safe from the dangers of flooding.


Flood Control Pump Features

  • Powerful and reliable flooding control pumps
  • Equipped with efficient diesel engine for driving power
  • Operates at a high speed of 1500 revolutions per minute
  • Lightweight and portable with a weight of 1500Kg
  • Capable of suction distances up to 7-8 meters
  • Constructed with a sturdy 45# steel pump shaft for durability
  • Effective in preventing and mitigating flooding
  • Essential device for flood control and prevention

Flood Control Pump Technical Parameters

Product Name Flood Control Pumps
Material Cast Iron
Flow Rate 1200m³/h
Suction Distance 7-8 M (plane Suction Distance Is About 14 Meters)
Shaft Power 151 KW
Connection Form High Elastic Coupling
Driving Power Diesel Engine
Pump Truck Size 2600×1900×2100 (mm)
Pump Shaft 45# Steel
Fuel Tank External Fuel Tank
Water Inlet Diameter/Quantity 200mm/ 2
Flood Prevention Pumps Used for preventing floods and providing protection against water damage.
Flood Mitigation Pumps Designed to mitigate the effects of floods and reduce the risk of water damage.
Flood Protection Pumps Utilized to protect against potential floods and minimize the impact of water disasters.

Flood Control Pump Applications

When natural disasters such as floods strike, it is crucial to have reliable and efficient flood control pumps in place to mitigate the damage caused by rising water levels. HUATAO's HT-Flood control pump is designed specifically for flood risk reduction, flood protection, and flooding control, making it an essential tool for emergency flood situations.

The HT-Flood control pump, with a flow rate of 1200m³/h, is capable of handling large volumes of water quickly and effectively. Its rated speed of 1500r/min ensures a fast response time, making it suitable for emergency situations where time is of the essence. The pump's suction distance of 7-8 meters, with a plane suction distance of about 14 meters, allows it to draw water from a significant distance, making it versatile and adaptable to various flood scenarios.

With a powerful shaft power of 151 KW, the HT-Flood control pump can efficiently move water from affected areas, reducing the risk of further flooding and damage. Its outlet diameter of 200mm and two outlet ports provide a smooth and steady flow of water, ensuring a consistent and reliable pumping process.


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2600×1900×2100 mm Flood Control Pumps Pump Truck Size for Water Management 0

Choose HUATAO's Flood Control Pumps for reliable and efficient pumping solutions customized to your project needs. Our pumps are designed and manufactured in China with high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure long-lasting performance. Contact us today for more information or to request a customized service.

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