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The trend of technological innovation in the pump industry is accelerating the pace of reform


Latest company news about The trend of technological innovation in the pump industry is accelerating the pace of reform

Entering the 21st century, high-tech fields such as environmental protection and the internet, as well as industries focused on sustainable development, have developed rapidly. With the demand of the market, they have also driven the development of other industries such as valves and pumps. These industries are constantly changing production methods, increasing innovation efforts, and gradually occupying a position in the market.


The technological development of pumps, like the development of other industries, is achieved by the dynamic market demand. Nowadays, Li'an has entered the 21st century, and against the backdrop of the huge demand for high-tech development in fields such as environmental protection and electronics, as well as global sustainable development, it has brought rapid technological changes and development to many industries or fields, including the pump industry.

In recent years, the technological development trend of pumps mainly includes the following points:


Diversification of products

The vitality of a product lies in the demand of the market, and today's market demand requires its own unique characteristics to be unique; It is precisely this that has created a diversified trend in pump products. Its diversity is mainly reflected in the diversity of the medium conveyed by the pump, the differences in product structure, and the differences in operating requirements.

From the perspective of the diversity of conveying media, early pumps can transport single water and other flowable liquids, gases, or slurries, until now they can transport solid-liquid mixtures, gas-liquid mixtures, solid-liquid gas mixtures, and even live objects such as potatoes, fish, etc. Different conveying objects have different requirements for the internal structure of the pump

In addition to the different requirements for the pump structure of the conveying object, new requirements have been put forward for the internal or external structure of the pump in terms of installation shape, pipeline layout, maintenance and repair. At the same time, various manufacturers have also added their own corporate concepts to the structural design, further improving the diversification of the pump structure.


The overall investigation of sustainable development and environmental protection, as well as the operating environment of the pump, has put forward numerous requirements for pump design, such as reducing leakage, increasing the possibility of acoustic and vibration peaks, and prolonging service life. All of these have put different emphasis on pump design, and several key points need to be considered in parallel, which will inevitably form a diversified form of pump.


The organic combination of improving pump design level and optimizing manufacturing technology

In the information age today, pump designers have already utilized computer technology for product development and CAD, greatly improving the speed of design itself and shortening the product design cycle. In the production oriented manufacturing industry, the electrical manufacturing technology represented by aerospace CA only penetrates into the production. However, from the current domestic situation, the technology CAM should focus on the production of rich production. For internal or small production, CAN technology has not yet been widely implemented in the pump industry, and single piece and small batch production is still mainly based on traditional production equipment.

Due to the market's demand for manufacturers to have shortest lead times, especially for special products (products that meet user requirements) with shorter supply cycles, it is necessary for pump manufacturers to accelerate the use of CAM technology, and even computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS), flexible manufacturing (FMC and FMS) to coordinate and handle various links from design to mold manufacturing, zero processing, and ensure the completion of design, The processing of product parts tends to be completed simultaneously to ensure a shorter production cycle.

At the same time, in addition to utilizing computer graphics, the strength analysis, reliability estimation, and three-dimensional design of the product will also be achieved on the computer as a carrier. The process problems, local structural problems, and assembly problems that need to be discovered and solved in production will be brought to the forefront for prevention before production, shortening the trial production period of the product.


Standardization and modularization of products

At the same time as the diversification of products, the overall total volume of pumps as universal products is still huge. In the market, in addition to technical competition, price competition of products, especially universal products, is an inevitable trend. In the trend of product diversification, it is necessary to achieve a competitive advantage in product prices, improve the standardization of product components, and achieve modularization of product components. After modularization of numerous components, product diversification is achieved by combining different modules or changing the characteristics of individual parts. At the same time, only when the degree of standardization of components is improved can it be possible to actually scale the production of components based on product diversification. This can be used to peak the production cost of products and form a competitive advantage in product prices, and further shorten the delivery cycle of products on the basis of product diversification.


Improvement of internal characteristics of pumps and pursuit of external characteristics

The inherent characteristics of pumps refer to the inherent characteristics of products, including the quality of production performance components, overall assembly quality, appearance quality, etc., or simply referred to as quality. In this regard, many pump manufacturers are currently paying attention to and striving to improve and clean. In fact, we can find that many products that meet the requirements of factory factory inspection after being tested and sent to the user unit for operation often fail to achieve the effect of factory factory inspection, resulting in problems such as overload, increased noise, and failure to meet the required service life reduction. In reality, the external operating points or characteristics of pumps are referred to as the external characteristics or system characteristics of pumps

Technicians often spend a lot of effort in product design to improve the efficiency of a certain product by 1%. However, if the pump operation deviates from the design point, the actual operating efficiency is far more than 1% lower than the peak. Now, pump manufacturers are simultaneously providing users with control equipment and complete sets, including frequency conversion. In fact, they have become involved in the pursuit of external characteristics of pumps. In this state, focusing on the centralized control system of pumps and improving the operational efficiency of the entire home and pump station is a further step forward in the pursuit of external characteristics of pumps.

From a sales perspective, promoting a product is about promoting the internal characteristics of the pump, while focusing on the external characteristics of the pump is not only about promoting the product, but also about promoting the pump station (complete project). From a usage perspective, a good product must be a product suitable for the operating environment rather than a product that is judged through factory testing.

Further development of mechatronics integration


Just like the development of science and technology, the interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields in the field of technology are becoming increasingly diverse, and cross disciplinary joint research is very common. As a result, the technological development of pump products is such a thing. Taking Pingwei pump as an example, to cancel the oil hanging problem of the pump, we must start from the motor structure. It is impossible to solve the pump rattle problem only limited to the pump itself. In addition to solving the flow pattern and vibration of the pump, we need to solve the noise of the motor blades and the noise of the electromagnetic field, improve the reliability of the Submersible pump, and we must add measures such as leakage protection, overload protection, etc. in the submersible motor to improve the operating efficiency of the pump, The need to rely on the application of control technology and so on, all of which indicate that in order to develop the level of pump technology, it is necessary to start from the matching motor and control technology

Simultaneously starting from various aspects, comprehensively considering, and maximizing the comprehensive level of mechatronics integration.

latest company case about The trend of technological innovation in the pump industry is accelerating the pace of reform  0latest company case about The trend of technological innovation in the pump industry is accelerating the pace of reform  1

Accelerated utilization of new materials and processes

In the past decade or so, the application of new materials and processes has been a major factor driving the development of pump technology. Pump materials, from cast iron to special metal alloys, from typical non-metallic materials such as rubber products and ceramics to engineering plastics, have played a prominent role in solving people's corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature and other environments. At the same time, the application of new technologies also better enables the application of new materials to the original components and the entire home. For example, foreign manufacturers have designed and launched pumps that all use engineering plastic 5, which is superior in strength and wear resistance compared to pumps produced with ordinary Venus materials. With new surface coating and surface treatment technologies for women, it can also solve the grinding problem of large pumps. The further development of new materials and the in-depth application of new processes will lead to a wider application in the field of pumps.

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