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What is a pressure control valve and how does it work?


Latest company news about What is a pressure control valve and how does it work?

What is a pressure control valve and what does it do


A pressure control valve is a device used in various systems and industries to regulate and control fluid pressure. It is typically installed in pipelines or hydraulic systems and serves the purpose of maintaining a desired pressure level within a specific range.

The primary function of a pressure control valve is to monitor the pressure of the fluid flowing through a system and adjust it as needed to maintain a set point. It ensures that the pressure does not exceed or fall below the desired range, thereby protecting the system from potential damage or failure.

Pressure control valves work by sensing the pressure of the fluid and modulating the flow rate to maintain the desired pressure level. When the pressure exceeds the set point, the valve will open, allowing fluid to bypass or release from the system, thus reducing the pressure. Conversely, if the pressure drops below the set point, the valve will close or restrict the flow, increasing the pressure.

These valves are commonly used in applications such as hydraulic systems, oil and gas pipelines, water supply systems, steam systems, and various industrial processes. They play a crucial role in maintaining system stability, preventing overpressure or underpressure situations, and ensuring safe and efficient operation.


What are the functions of the pressure control valve

• Pressure reduction
• Load holding
• Sequential control
• Limits system pressure
• Controls the pressure in the selected section of the circuit
• Sequence motion
• Actuator sequence control
• Restrained movement control
• Reduced pressure control
• Pump unloading control


What are the types of pressure control valves


  1. Pressure reducing valve

  2. Pressure relief valve

  3. Pressure safety valve


How to adjust a pressure control valve


The opening and closing of the pressure control valve are done with the help of piston and spring. The spring force can be changed so that the opening and closing speed of the valve can be changed. More than one piston is used to make the changes and in certain cases, diaphragms are used.


How to install a pressure control valve

While buying a pressure control valve we must make sure that all the protective plugs and wrapping are in place. Before fitting check that all the fittings and plugs are removed and check the seals that protect the valve setting are in place or unbroken. We must check that the information on the nameplate and identification tags against the work order.


What is a rupture discs

A rupture discs are also known as bursting disc and it is a pressure safety device. This device has no moving parts and it would break if a certain pressure level is reached and it would allow the fluid to flow quickly so that the pressure can be reduced. In certain cases, the rupture disc is fitted before the pressure control valve, and it is used when the fluid is very contaminated so the disc can protect the valve.

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