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Heavy Duty Centrifugal Gravel Pump For Desulfurization And Dredging

Heavy Duty Centrifugal Gravel Pump For Desulfurization And Dredging

heavy duty centrifugal gravel pump

desulfurization and dredging centrifugal gravel pump

heavy duty fgd pump

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Desulfurization Pump

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Product Details
Product Name:
Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Gravel Pump For Desulfurization And Dredging
Stainless Steel
>400 L/min
Driving Type:
Mud Pump
Single-stage Pump
Explosion-Proof Pumps
Jet Pump
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
USD 750
Packaging Details
Standard packaging
Delivery Time
10-15 Work Days
Payment Terms
TT L/C Western Union
Supply Ability
100 Sets/ month
Product Description

Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Gravel Pump For Desulfurization And Dredging


Centrifugal Gravel Pump​ Product Description:

Since the hydraulic design of desulfurization pump fully considers the movement of solid and liquid flow field, it can maintain good performance during slurry transportation. It is the latest design and development of high efficiency and energy saving products in the 1990s. The product has been tested by the national pump product inspection and testing center, and the performance indicators have met or exceeded the design requirements, and the product has reached the international advanced level after expert appraisal. Its excellent product performance and the ability to adapt to all kinds of bad mining, so that the series of products in power desulfurization, steel desulfurization and other industries are widely used. The company has provided thousands of pumps for dozens of key projects and large and medium-sized enterprises such as HUANENG Company, STATE FRID Company, power plants owned by large companies, effectively replacing imported products, saving a lot of foreign exchange, and making contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the national economy.


Centrifugal Gravel Pump​ Features:

1. Desulfurization liquid medium, affected by coal and water, contains a large number of chloride ions, and chloride ions is a key factor in the corrosion of materials. Although it is not directly involved in corrosion, the tendency to make acid and the strong corrosion of free acid aggravate the gap corrosion, point corrosion and stress corrosion at the high temperature in the desulfurization tower. Electrochemical corrosion is inevitable, even if the material casting we used to reduce the measures, there will still be vulcanization Yi produced, it in the form of hard shell covered in the corrosion pits, resulting in a sharp increase in the acidity of the pits, and temperature catalysis, directly lead to the malignant increase of the beginning, finally pits into a. Surface passivation, on the other hand, can slow down corrosion, so it is necessary to create a more uniform oxidation label during hot treatment. Intergranular corrosion exists at room temperature, and transgranular corrosion also begins when the temperature reaches more than 60°C. Therefore, in addition to reducing intergranular depletion and reducing the presence of highly complex carbides between grains, it is to reduce carbon preservation. At present, some domestic manufacturers actually let the carbon equivalent of more than 1%, they think it is to wear resistance, in fact, on the contrary, the corrosion layer is not wear resistance, so we still use low carbon solutions, but the cost is higher. In order to reduce the cost, reduce the content of the use of fetters, use austenite accelerator nitrogen, nitrogen promoted the ferrite formed at high temperature to reverse into enough secondary austenite to maintain the necessary phase balance, improve the corrosion resistance, nitrogen can also improve the corrosion resistance of nitrogen rich austenite phase, and rich, aluminum ferrite phase balance, improve the overall corrosion resistance of the material. In addition, nitrogen can also reduce the difference in the distribution of the elements such as min and fetters in the two phases, reduce the tendency of selective corrosion, it is the use of the unique effect of nitrogen, can be easier to obtain ultra-low carbon two-phase steel.

2. Desulfurization liquid temperature is higher, the general pump will also occur cavitation damage, so the need to have good suction, and this must reduce efficiency as a substitute price, so the choice of a reasonable hydraulic model becomes the key, domestic design is not mature, so often appear supporting motor is not appropriate. The foreign model we choose, although not always able to work in the high efficiency zone, but smooth operation, no cavitation damage. And cavitation damage generally occurs at the inlet of the impeller, the front end of the blade appears honeycomb pits. The resulting inlet prespin damage is generally on the inside of the front guard plate, scoured out many gullies, and even perforated. Therefore, the pump with the lower required cavitation allowance is the best choice. The economic consideration of key parts such as impeller runner can only rely on the casting quality, each casting has offset, so each set should be carried out cavitation data measurement, at present this kind of unit is not much.

3. The cooling method of the bearing is thin oil lubrication with cooling. The scheme is more suitable for the national conditions of China, that is, the general operator can observe whether the oil level is abnormal by naked eye. When the heat generated by the bearing and the heat transmitted by the medium cause the oil temperature to be too high, the water cooling device can forcibly exchange heat, avoid the reduction of oil quality, reduce the life of the bearing, and more importantly, the smooth operation can extend the life of the mechanical seal.


Centrifugal Gravel Pump​ Technical Parameters:

Product Name Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Gravel Pump For Desulfurization And Dredging
Material Stainless Steel
Max.Capacity >400 L/min
Driving Type Motor
Media Mud Pump
Structure Single-stage Pump
Performance Explosion-Proof Pumps
Type Jet Pump

Centrifugal Gravel Pump​ Advantage:

The impeller parts are taken out from the rear door, and all parts of the pump can be disassembled, inspected and repaired without disassembling and assembling pipelines. In order to meet the requirements of overhaul every five years, the material of the flow parts is made of imported material standards from the beginning. It was first promoted to the market after its practical application in the Group's own power plant, and it has been continuously improved according to the actual operation situation. Its excellent performance makes it the first choice in the domestic desulfurization pump industry at present.



Huatao Desulfurization Pump
  • Brand Name: Huatao
  • Model Number: Desulfurization Pump
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Certification: CE
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
  • Packaging Details: Standard packaging
  • Delivery Time: 10-15 Work Days
  • Payment Terms: TT L/C Western Union
  • Supply Ability: 100 Sets/ month
  • Product Name: Desulfurization Pump


Centrifugal Gravel Pump​ Application

Huatao Desulfurization Gravel Pump and Slurry Pump are designed for desulfurization system and FGD system, which can work under high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environment. It has longer service life and higher efficiency than other ordinary pumps. Our Desulfurization Pump are widely used in power plant, steel mill, chemical plant, etc.


Packing and Shipping:

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