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Stainless Steel Industrial Chemical Pump Flow Rate Up To 1100m3/h

Stainless Steel Industrial Chemical Pump Flow Rate Up To 1100m3/h

Stainless Steel Industrial Chemical Pump

1100m3/h Industrial Chemical Pump

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Product Details
Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Carbon Structural Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Ceramic
Inlet/Outlet Size:
Flow Rate:
Up To 1100m3/h
Chemical, Petroleum, Synthetic Fiber, Fertilizer, Power Station, Metallurgy, Food And Medicine Industries
Seal Type:
Mechanical Seal
Motor Type:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden Box
Delivery Time
5-10 days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
70 sets/month
Product Description

Stainless Steel Industrial Chemical Pump Flow Rate Up To 1100m3/h


Product Description:

A chemical pump, also known as a corrosive medium pump, is a specialized type of pump designed specifically for the chemical industry. Its primary function is to transport various types of chemical liquids and corrosive media.

The chemical pump is composed of several essential components, including a motor, coupling, pump body, mechanical seal, and bearing. The motor provides the necessary power to the pump body, which then uses the rotation of the rotor to pump the medium from the suction port to the pressure port, completing the transportation process.

The working principle of the chemical pump is critical in its operation. By transferring the power of the motor to the pump body, the pump can rotate the rotor, allowing the medium to be pumped from the suction port to the pressure port. This process is essential for transporting the various types of chemical liquids and corrosive media used in the chemical industry.

Key Components of a Chemical Pump
  • Motor
  • Coupling
  • Pump Body
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Bearing

The importance of the chemical pump in the chemical industry cannot be overstated. Its unique design and components make it capable of transporting corrosive and dangerous substances safely and efficiently. Without chemical pumps, the transport of certain chemicals would be near impossible, and the impact on the industry and society could be devastating.


Technical Parameters:

Max Pressure 1.6 MPA
Power 0.55-90kW
Head Up To 150m
Frequency 50Hz
Seal Type Mechanical Seal
Flow Rate Up To 1100m3/h
Inlet/Outlet Size DN25-300mm
Voltage 220V/380V/480V
Material Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Carbon Structural Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Ceramic
Max Temperature Up To 280℃


Chemical pumps have numerous application scenarios, covering almost all industrial fields that involve liquid transportation. Here are some of the primary application scenarios:

Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry widely uses chemical pumps. In the crude oil production, chemical production, oil refining, coal chemical industry, liquefied natural gas, and many other processes, chemical pumps are used for fluid transportation, pressurization, and compression to handle various liquids, gases, steam, and other media.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The application of chemical pumps in the pharmaceutical industry is vital. They are utilized to transport various liquid medicines, syrups, and acid and alkali liquids to ensure the smooth progress of the pharmaceutical production process. The medium needs to be highly pure and stable. Therefore, chemical pumps with excellent corrosion resistance, no leakage, high efficiency, and reliability attributes ensure the quality and safety of drugs.

Food Processing Industry

In the food processing industry, chemical pumps are commonly used to transport various food slurries, syrups, juices, etc. The regulations and norms concerning hygiene and safety are stringent; thus, the chemical pumps need to be easy to clean, and the materials must conform to food safety standards.

Water Treatment Field

The water treatment field widely uses chemical pumps to transport wastewater, sewage, various water treatment media, etc. Chemical pumps are critical, whether for urban water supply, industrial wastewater treatment, or sewage treatment operations.

Agricultural Field

Chemical pumps are also commonly used for irrigation and drainage of farmland and orchards. They transport clean water or other liquids that have similar physical and chemical properties to clean water.

Additionally, chemical pumps are also widely used in other industrial sectors such as synthetic fibers, fertilizers, power stations, metallurgy, etc., to meet various fluid transportation needs. Chem pumps are indispensable equipment in modern industries, thanks to their excellent performance and diverse applications. With the continual advance in technology and the increase in application fields, the future prospects of chemical pumps are promising.



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