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2Cr13 1Cr13 SS304 Industrial Valves Manufacturers Water Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

2Cr13 1Cr13 SS304 Industrial Valves Manufacturers Water Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

SS304 Industrial Valves

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

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HT-Butterfly Valve

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Product Details
Product Name:
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve / Industrial Butterfly Valve
Concrete Pump,Sany Concrete Pump Spare Parts Hopper
1 Year
Shaft 38,Welded Pipe 16Mn
Customer Required
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
10 set
USD 50-100 per set
Packaging Details
Wooden Box
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
20000 sets per months
Product Description

Butterfly Valve Description

A butterfly valve, also known as a flap valve, is a simple structure regulating valve that can be used for switch control of low pressure pipeline media. The butterfly valve refers to a valve with a disc as the closing component (valve disc or butterfly plate) that rotates around the valve axis to achieve opening and closing. Valves can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil products, liquid metals, and radioactive media. Mainly used for cutting and throttling on pipelines. The butterfly valve opening and closing part is a disc shaped butterfly plate that rotates around its own axis within the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening, closing or adjusting.


Butterfly Valve Usage 

1. When using butterfly valves under special operating conditions such as throttling adjustment, strict sealing requirements, severe wear, low temperature (deep cold), etc., special designed metal sealing belt adjustment devices with three or two eccentric special butterfly valves are required.

2. The metal to metal wire sealed double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for urban heating, gas supply, water supply and other gas, oil, acid and alkali pipelines, as a regulating and throttling device.

3. Butterfly valves are suitable for fresh water, sewage, seawater, saline water, steam, natural gas, food, medicine, oil, and various acid-base and other pipelines that require complete sealing, zero gas leakage during gas testing, high service life requirements, and operating temperatures between -10 ° C and 150 ° C.

4. Soft sealed eccentric butterfly valves are suitable for bidirectional opening and closing and adjustment of ventilation and dust removal pipelines, and are widely used in gas pipelines and waterways in metallurgical, light industry, power, petrochemical systems, etc. The metal to metal face sealed triple eccentric butterfly valve can not only be used as a program control valve for large pressure swing adsorption gas separation devices, but also be widely used in fields such as petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, and power.


Butterfly Valve Feature

1: Small opening torque, flexible and convenient, labor-saving and energy-saving.

2: Three dimensional eccentric structure, reliable sealing, and no leakage.

3: High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and long service life

Product  Name Butterfly Valve


Feature Reliable Sealing,


2Cr13 1Cr13 SS304 Industrial Valves Manufacturers Water Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve 02Cr13 1Cr13 SS304 Industrial Valves Manufacturers Water Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve 1


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