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Mechanical Seal Submersible Pump 220V 380V For Urban Drainage

Mechanical Seal Submersible Pump 220V 380V For Urban Drainage

Mechanical Seal Submersible Pump 220V

Submersible Drainage Pumps 380V

Urban Drainage Submersible Pump

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HT-Submersible sewage pump

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Product Details
Product Name:
Mechanical Seal Submersible Pump
Water,Air Pump,sewage,rotary Pump
Vertical,submersible,Submersible Sump Pumps,unblock Stainless Steel Sewage Pumps With Cutting System
Any Color,steel True Colors
Roating Spe:
220V / 50Hz /60Hz
80-400mm (3.15'' Up To 16'')
Up To 2400 M3/hr
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
USD 200-5000/set
Packaging Details
Wooden box
Delivery Time
20-40days after receiving deposit
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Supply Ability
Product Description

Non-Clog Waste Water Submersible Sewage Pump


Submersible sewage pump Introduction


The submersible sewage pump is an environmentally friendly product developed and improved through testing methods. It uses an automatic stirring device on the basis of ordinary sewage pumps. The device rotates with the motor shaft to generate a strong stirring force. Stir the sediment in the sewage pool into suspended matter, suck it into the pump and discharge it, which improves the anti-blocking and sewage discharge capacity of the pump, completes drainage, cleaning, and dredging at one time, saves operating costs, and discharges solid particles. Long-term fiber waste and reduced sewage Pit deposits have unique features.



Scope of application


1. Discharges system of urban sewage treatment plant.
2. Sewage discharge stations in residential areas.
3. Subway,basement,human defense system drainage station.
4. Discharge of thin slurry in municipal engineering and construction sites.
5. Sewage discharge and irrigation in rural areas.
6. Water supply equipment for water works.
7. Matching of mining control and water treatment equipment.
8. Water supply and drainage. etc.

Submersible sewage advantages

1. The unique single-blade or double-blade impeller structure is adopted, which greatly improves the dirt passing capacity.
2. The overall structure is compact, the volume is small, the noise is small, the energy saving effect is remarkable, and the maintenance is convenient. There is no need to build a pump room, and it can work by diving into the water, which greatly reduces the project cost.
3. A high-precision anti-interference water leakage detection sensor is installed in the sealed oil chamber of the pump, and a thermal element is embedded in the stator winding to automatically protect the pump motor.
4. It can be equipped with a fully automatic control cabinet according to user needs, which can automatically protect the pump from water leakage, electricity leakage, overload and over-temperature, etc., which improves the safety and reliability of the product.
5. WQ(P) series can be equipped with double-rail automatic coupling installation system according to user needs.It brings greater convenience to installation and maintenance, and people do not have to enter the sewage pit for this purpose.


Submersible sewage pump specification:

Product Name Submersible sewage pump
Material High chrome alloy
Head 10m~70m
Voltage 380V
Flow 10-1000m3/h
Suction Diameter 50mm~300mm
Discharge Diameter 50mm~300mm
Power 3KW~132kW

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