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Radial Piston Pumps 0.37L/min-42.4L/min 22.5Mpa-100Mpa

Radial Piston Pumps 0.37L/min-42.4L/min 22.5Mpa-100Mpa

42.4L/min Radial Piston Pumps

22.5Mpa-100Mpa Radial Piston Pumps

Shipbuilding Radial Piston Pumps

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High-Pressure Radial Piston Pump

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Radial Piston Pumps
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Single Row, Double Row, Multi-row
SS304, SS316, CI, Etc
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High-Pressure Radial Piston Pumps Are Used In Metallurgy And Shipbuilding



This product is an important component of hydraulic power in the hydraulic system. It is arranged radially outward and has valve-type flow distribution. It can provide ultra-high pressure oil for various hydraulic systems. The flow rate ranges from 0.37 to 24 liters and the pressure ranges from 0Mpa to 120Mpa. The rotation speed is 1800r/min, and it can be connected to a low-pressure oil pump through the shaft to become a two-stage pump to improve work efficiency.
Structure and principle
Radial piston pump consists of plunger pair, eccentric wheel, main shaft, oil circuit plate and pressure plate. The motor directly drives the main shaft of the pump to rotate. Due to the action of the eccentric, the plunger reciprocates along the plunger sleeve. The hydraulic oil is sucked in through the oil inlet valve, discharged through the oil discharge valve, collected together, and enters the oil system.



  1. High-pressure radial piston pumps offer several advantages when used in metallurgy and shipbuilding applications. Here are some of the key benefits:
  2. High Pressure Capability: High-pressure radial piston pumps are designed to handle and generate extremely high pressures. This makes them suitable for demanding applications in metallurgy and shipbuilding that require high-pressure hydraulic systems, such as hydraulic presses, metal forming, and hydraulic control systems on ships.
  3. Robust and Reliable: These pumps are built with robust construction and materials to withstand the harsh operating conditions often encountered in metallurgy and shipbuilding industries. They are engineered to handle heavy loads, shock, and vibration, ensuring reliable and continuous operation even in challenging environments.
  4. Precise Control: High-pressure radial piston pumps offer precise control over fluid flow and pressure. This level of control is essential in metallurgical processes, such as metal shaping and forming, where precise pressure and flow rates are required for accurate results. In shipbuilding, they contribute to precise control of hydraulic systems for steering, lifting, and other critical functions.
  5. Compact Design: Radial piston pumps have a compact design, allowing for efficient use of space in metallurgy and shipbuilding applications where equipment size is a consideration. Their compact size enables easy integration into existing systems or installation in confined spaces on ships or in metallurgical plants.
  6. Versatility: High-pressure radial piston pumps are versatile and can be used for a wide range of fluids, including hydraulic oils and other compatible fluids. This versatility allows them to be employed in various applications, such as hydraulic systems for metal casting, forging, rolling, and shipboard hydraulic systems.
  7. Efficiency: These pumps are known for their high efficiency, ensuring effective energy utilization. They are designed to minimize internal leakage and optimize hydraulic performance, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower operational costs for metallurgical and shipbuilding processes.
  8. Durability and Longevity: High-pressure radial piston pumps are designed for durability and long service life. They are engineered with high-quality components, precision machining, and advanced sealing technologies to ensure reliable operation over extended periods, reducing downtime and maintenance costs..


Q: What are the maintenance requirements for High-Pressure Radial Piston?
A: Regular maintenance includes lubrication, inspection of seals, and monitoring for any signs of wear or damage. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance procedures.

Q: What are the typical applications of High-Pressure Radial Piston?
A: High-pressure radial Piston finds applications in various industries, including hydraulic presses, construction equipment, heavy machinery, marine systems, and industrial automation.



Hydraulic Presses: High-Pressure Radial Piston is commonly used in hydraulic presses for metal forming, molding, and other pressing applications.
Construction Equipment: It can be utilized in construction machinery such as cranes, excavators, and loaders to provide powerful hydraulic force.
Marine Systems: High-Pressure Radial Piston is employed in marine applications, including ship steering systems, winches, and hydraulic propulsion systems.
Industrial Automation: It plays a crucial role in automated manufacturing processes, providing precise force and motion control.
Please note that specific details and features may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the High-Pressure Radial Piston.

Radial Piston Pumps 0.37L/min-42.4L/min 22.5Mpa-100Mpa 0

Radial Piston Pumps 0.37L/min-42.4L/min 22.5Mpa-100Mpa 1

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